How does the course work?

Students log into WebEx, a web conferencing program, for weekly classes (live sessions) as outlined on the Course Dates and Pricing page. During live sessions, students can see and hear Alisa and Mary via audio and webcam features. Students can also be seen and heard by us in the same way.

We use Powerpoint slides to present content; students are able to interact with us by typing in chat, speaking through their audio, writing on the screen and recording answers via polling features. This is live teaching in a highly interactive learning environment!

Students work through many practice examples during live sessions–and independently–using their ACT workbook. For the Comprehensive Course, students have one main weekly class, followed by a flexible weekday help session. Homework is assigned over the course of the four-week class. We use many released ACT tests so students are being exposed to “real” test questions.

How do you monitor student progress?

  • We start with a baseline score (usually with a practice test, and/or any ACT test scores the student may already possess). We use this data to pinpoint gaps in knowledge.
  • Every student completes a questionnaire prior to the start of the course so we can learn about his/her unique background and needs.
  • We observe performance during live sessions; we look for patterns in types of questions missed. We check for understanding frequently.
  • As the course progresses, we look for improvements in the student’s ability to answer questions correctly during timed practice tests.
  • We end with a final, full-length practice test.
  • We teach students how to take the test, so our approach is grounded in crucial test-taking strategies including process of elimination and time management.

What kinds of gains can students expect to make?

When students make a serious commitment to the program, we see the greatest gains. Practice makes perfect. The more a student practices, the more his/her brain becomes “wired” for the test. As students gain confidence, we find their sense of control over the test improves too. The ACT frequently quotes this figure: 57% of students who retest, improve. We say: if a student is engaging in some type of quality test prep, then that figure is considerably higher.

How many students are in a class?

Our classes are small so that we can offer individualized instruction. We typically limit courses to six students. If a section fills, we are able to open a second section. 

Why A & M ACT Prep?A&M

We love teaching, and we love working with teens! We recognize that each student is an individual with a particular set of abilities, beliefs and ways of processing information. We meet students where they are and teach them how to be confident, strategic test-takers.